I’m a CG artist with a specialty in hard surface modeling and texturing. I developed an interest in 3D modeling and animation while in college at Willamette University and got my Bachelors degree in Film with a focus in 3D animation and a minor in Arts, Technology and Multimedia. Throughout the course of my college career and the following years I pursued education in a variety of 3D modeling applications.
My primary focuses are Blender and Autodesk Maya though I am currently learning Autodesk 3DS Max. In addition to 3D software I have self taught a variety of other software packages at all stages of the production pipeline, an up to date list of my software knowledge is available on my resume. After college I worked as a freelancer doing modeling, animation and graphic design while building my portfolio and teaching myself the rest of the software necessary to become a solid full time addition to a studio. I currently live in Santa Cruz California.
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